Listen for the parents of Stephen and Matthew to tell their emotional story and the happy ending during this year's Radiothon, August 15-17, on 98.7 The River and WTKS.

Tim and Dana Huffman were told that they would never be able to conceive, so they were overjoyed to learn they were pregnant with twins.  That joy was cut short when, four months before her due date, Dana went into labor. Stephen and Matthew came into the world at 24 weeks gestation, each weighing less than one-and-a-half pounds.  The family was in for the fight for their lives.


The tiny babies faced a host of medical problems.  Both were anemic and needed multiple blood transfusions.  Their organs were not fully developed – especially their vulnerable lungs and eyes.   Both babies suffered ventricular brain bleeds.  Stephen’s was categorized as a II and Matthew’s a IV, which is considered catastrophic.  Doctors told the Huffmans the boys would face life long health and developmental problems.  Matthew may never walk or speak.


Both boys were fighters and after three months in the NICU, they finally went home.  Now toddlers, you would never guess all that they had gone through. Although Matthew wears glasses, their early medical struggles have been overcome.  Today, Stephen and Matthew are active little boys that keep their parents constantly on the move.  They are truly miracles in every way.