A Massachusetts woman with the good sense to record her cop encounter on her cell phone is now facing felony wiretapping charges because she did not inform the officers that they were being recorded–something state law requires.

Karen Dziewit was drinking outside an apartment building in Springfield, Massachusetts on Saturday night. Residents complained that she was yelling at them and refused to calm down. They called the police. (RELATED: Lawsuit: Cops Shoved A ‘Sharp Object’ Down Teen’s Throat, Killing Him)

The responding officers decided to arrest 24-year-old Dziewit for causing a disturbance. Just before she was taken into custody, however, she activated the recording feature on her phone. Eventually, police searched her purse and discovered that the phone was recording.

Dziewit will now be charged with felony wiretapping, according to masslive.com.

Her mistake? She didn’t inform the cops that her cell phone was recording them.

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