Hi Mark
Last week my fiance & I found this super sweet dog at our work.
She must have been recently hit by a car, because she was limping really badly on her back leg. We knew we had to get her some immediate medical care, food, and love.  We also think she must have been abandoned, as she was very malnourished when we found her & at the time, very hesitant to come near us.
We took her to the vet, they have determined that, luckily, the hip is going to heal itself naturally. Thank goodness. She is currently on medication to help with her malnourishment & antibiotics. She is a 4 year old Plott Hound mix, about 40 lbs & unbelievably sweet. She does VERY well with our dog & although is super curious about our cat, we think with time she could learn to coexist with cats & leave them be. But we are unable to keep her since our landlord only allows one dog. She is so deserving of a good home with lots of love.
In a weeks time, her hip has healed tremendously & with time she will be back to 100%. We take her on 2 walks a day & she does very well on a leash. She is also crate trained! She will make someones life so wonderful. Please help us find a home for this sweet girl. I can be contacted through this email: labarto@gmail.com
Note: Lauren is in Wilmington North Carolina--but if you can provide this dog a home, transport can be arranged!