Kristina is offering a reward for information about Rugby, a cat that was given to someone in the Beaufort County area when the foster parents were faced with a medical emergency.  The "wobbly" brown kitten has a neurological condition and an old injury which must be addressed by a vet very soon. No, she is not spayed and does not have a microchip - she was too young when the family took her in.  And unfortunately; due to the medical emergency the foster family is unable to provide us with many details. Thus, we are conducting a quest throughout the county for ANYONE who may have heard of, been a party to, or just has a rumor as to someone coming into possession of an adorable special needs kitten.  No harm, no foul. No questions asked. Anyone wanting to remain anonymous can do so. If the new parent want to keep Rugby, I will offer to pay medical expenses to ensure that she is safe.  If she is with a rescue group or shelter, I'd like her back. 

 Call Kristina at 843-575-6803 Substantial reward for any information that helps me find Rugby.  All anonymous tips are honored.

Here are some pictures of Rugby: