Hello. My name is Debra Jacobson and work at Savannah schools. I was traveling from one school to the next and found this dog. He is soooo sweet and loving. Not only that but he is already neutered!!  He has to be a lost dog since he's neutered and he's very friendly, social, and loves attention. I have done animal rescue for years; however, when I moved to the lowcountry, I became unable to foster.  My apartment complex will not allow more than 2 pets and I already have 2. He is currently at Savanna's animal control. They hold him for 5 days before they go onto the adoption floor so his hold-time is up 1/14. I talked to Michelle and Pound Pups and she said to contact you. Can you please put his picture up to try and find his owner?  Or maybe even someone to foster or adopt him, if things should get that far?  I just don't want him to get euthanized as he is so wonderful, playful, and seems to love everyone.  Thank you so much for all your help.

Debra Jacobson

UPDATE: As of today, depending on space, this dog has 5-10 days before they euthanize at Savannah's animal control