Hi, a friend of mine works at the Westin and this dog has been wandering for a couple of weeks. Animal Control has not picked up the dog. People are feeding it but the dog has not been able to be captured. They don’t know if it’s male or female. Please post on your website and facebook in the hopes someone knows who it belongs too. Below is a cut and paste of my friend’s facebook post.

You can contact her through her Savannah Craigslist ad she placed for the dog   http://savannah.craigslist.org/laf/4134820253.html.   She said the dog hangs out around the Convention Center parking lot.

  Please re-post if you are in the area of SAVANNAH, GARDEN CITY, BLUFFTON AND HARDEEVILLE. This poor guy/girl has been roaming Hutchinson Island near the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center for the past few weeks. He/she has a collar but won't come close enough to see if there is any identification on it. Please re-post to help find his owner. Thank you!