Nala is a beautiful sweet cat who is quickly coming to the end of her ninth life.

A military turn-in, Nala has a growth on her left sinus that is inoperable lymphoma. Heritage Animal Hospital (Hilton Head Island) was kind enough to biopsy, xray and help shrink (with chemo) the tumor. They charged about 1/3 of their invoice. It was most generous.

Typically, such a cat would be euthanized without a question. But two animal lovers in Bluffton, Gudrun and Judy, decided that was not an option, and agreed to provide Hospice care for Nala until her time came.

Shortly after taking her into their home, the two ladies wrote a beautiful email to Palmetto Animal League about their decision. Their story may make you cry:

Attached are a lot of photos from Nala's first 2 days with us. We believe under the circumstances it couldn't go better and she is already part of our family. As you can see on the pics she shares her king size bed & room with a great view to the back yard with 2 dog companions and one other cat. There was not one minute of growling or hissing. We just let nature take its time and she went first under the bed and came out when she was ready for the meet and greet. They all sniffed at each other and then went on with their daily business. Nala is "in" and part of the our family already - she is surrounded by great healing energy with our peaceful and balanced cats and dogs - just what she needs. I hope the pics show that too how much she already feels home. She has a big cat tree where she scratches and likes to sit at the window to watch and listen to the birds. We have the big window always open but secured with a screen and she loves to sit right there and feel the "breeze". She eats and drinks and sleeps. She walks around, sits on the cat tree or under or on the bed. She can do just as she pleases. It seems that she already feels safe and is not nervous at all. She does anything a healthy cat would do and is curious and alert. The only way that you can tell that she is sick is when you look at her face or hear her snarling breathing and snorting - but that's just what it is and fine with us. Every 6-8 hours we have to clean her face, eyes, nose and she is such a wonderful little girl that she never refuses to get picked up and cleaned. After cleaning her both eyes are clear and look healthy. Blood is coming out of the corner of her left eye and then their is a little whole below her left eye. She is such a good girl and there was not even one attempt to scratch or bite when we cleaned her. She lets it all happen as she would know it makes her feel better - and yes, she truly probably knows. Well, there's not really more to say then that as always we see every pet as a blessing and welcome her with an open heart to our home and family. Whenever her time will be to go home we will know and until then we will make sure that every day is a gift for her as it is a gift for us having her. We'll keep you posted and you please let us know if you arranged an appointment with a doctor. It is no problem for me to bring her there so you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule. That's up to you. Thank you for bringing Nala into our life!  Gudrun & Judy