A cat living on nothing but McDonald’s burgers and fries for a year and a half is now up for adoption in New Zealand. The black and white tom, nicknamed “Frankie” by the McDonald’s staff in a suburb of Hamilton, NZ, had been abandoned as a kitten. The hungry stray took up residence in the fast-food restaurant's parking lot, where he would beg for food from cars as they came through the drive-through. But his health started to deteriorate and the McDonald’s staff took notice. That's when Jessica Watson, a field officer with the local SPCA and regular customer, spotted Frankie and took him into her care. Watson said she grew worried when she saw Frankie's face was swollen and his coat was matted.  She says he became so addicted to junk food he initially refused to switch to a more nutritionally balanced diet. But after a couple of weeks of inside living and good nutrition, he’s now clear-eyed and shiny-coated. And if you think Frankie would be super-sized Watson says, “He wasn’t overweight. McDonald’s wouldn’t meet the nutritional requirements for a cat.”