Your Name: Melanie Kruger    
Email address: 
Phone Number: 912-988-1496
Indicate LOST or FOUND:
Description: Domestic short haired tabby. Green eyes, slender, shows signs of vision loss when walking toward objects. Friendly

Pet's name if known
(Is it a dog, cat, bird, etc.)  Monkey is a cat

Is there a collar/tag/microchip? Please describe: No

Height, weight, age if known. Medium height, slender weighs about 9 pounds.

Male or Female? Spayed or Neutered? Male  Neutered

When and where the animal was last seen, or when/where you found it.  Last seen on November 23, 2013 in the Brighton Woods Dr., Pooler, Ga neighborhood. He may have passed away because of his age and natural causes but would like to bring home to rest.