Now that we've solved all the other problems of the world, including calming the terrorists who want to come attack us on our own soil--again...the boarder is now protected and we're energy independent Congress can now focus on one of the most pressing problems of our time--changing the name of the Washington Redskins!  I know you've been losing lots of sleep over it yourself.  But of course the "Word Police" and their confederates are sitting up nights burning the proverbial "midnight oil" reading our minds and working to correct our evil conservative subconscious. 

Now they say that all these military weapons we have are also an insult to Indians--er--Navite Americans.  The Apache helicopter...the Chinook..the Tomahawk missle..the list goes on.  These sub-morons on the left actually think that we are insulting and making fun of these proud warriors.  Forget the fact that most are complemented.  One of the major weapons we could have won the Viet Nam War with had we been allowed to was the Iroquois (aka The Huey) which was featured in a wonderful documentary about ten years ago called "In the Shadow of the Blade."  The Huey was put into service by Iroquois themselves with an ancient ritual and blessing.

Now to the nimrods who sit up nights thinking up this stuff have another problem on their hands: renaming 37 states!  No less than 37 of our 50 states have names of Indian languages.  In fact Oklahoma may have to be first since that name actually means "Red People!"  This has to have the liberal loons keeling over like bowling pins.  How dare they!  So we're taking your suggestions on what to change the names of all 37 of these states and our military weapons that are so offensive .  Feel free to "like" us on Facebook and/or call in to "A-M Savannah" with your ideas--it's desperate we get this done soon.  Never mind school shootings, thousands of illegals coming across our boarder that you and I will have to pay for.  Never mind the terrorists who are killing our soldiers and will be coming here to kill the rest of us--unless, of course, we too become peace-loving Muslums.  We have to get these names changed before the Indians get a nuclear weapon!