AUGUST 1st -17th 2014


SAVANNAH, GAJuly 31st 2014 -On the eve of the second annual Savannah VOICE Festival (SVF), Savannah’s favorite creamery, Leopold’s Ice Cream, has announced a new collaboration.  Leopold’s will temporarily rename many of its favorite ice cream flavors and sundaes in honor of the Savannah VOICE Festival which is set to make Savannah sing for the first half of August.  Leopold’s has also created a brand new ice cream flavor ‘champagne aria’ which will be available throughout the Festival exclusively at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa – the home of the Festival and where many of the SVF events take place including the Festival Opera Dinner on Sunday August 3rd.


Maria Zouves, Executive Director of the Savannah VOICE Festival (and channeling movie star Forrest Gump) comments, “Opera is like ice cream – it comes in lots of different flavors and everyone has their favorites when they make their selection.  Our Festival is like Leopold’s ice cream – our artists are of the finest quality and there are so many choices when it comes to selecting which type of event suits your personal taste – whether that is opera, musical theater or song.  But no matter what you choose, it's delicious!”

The flavors which will be available at Leopold’s during the first half of August include:


·         Broadway Banana Split – listen out for Broadway hits throughout the Festival

·         Banana Baritone – reaching the deep notes

·         Bizet's Butter Pecan – to honor this nineteenth century French opera composer

·         Carmen's Caramel Swirl – watch out for FREE Festival movie Carmen on August 14th

·         Chocolate Aria- listen out for these sweet opera songs

·         Chocolate Nut Orchestra Sundae – it takes many artists to create the performance

·         Chocolate Chewies and Cream Concert – how sweet these concerts can be

·         Chocolate Chip a la Callas – honoring Callas at VOICE Society exclusive event on August 4th

·         Chocolate Chocolate Chip Crescendo – a sweet experience

·         Chocolate Raspberry Recital Swirl – Festival goes in recital mode on August 2nd

·         Coconut Evensong – singers in service at churches around Savannah on August 10th

·         Cano's Carnival Coffee – for one night only on August 2nd - Jennifer and Christopher Cano

·         Dunn in by Coffee Chocolate Chip – or Death By Aria on August 1st and 2nd

·         Festival Fruit Sundae – a delicious collation

·         Zouves Greek Yogurt Parfait – honoring Greek American Executive Director Maria Zouves

·         Hot Fudge Sundae Finale – A rich sensation on August 16th

·         Lyrical Lemon Custard – listen to the lyrics to make your heart sing

·         Mint Chocolate Chip Maestro – make music maestro!

·         Milnes' Mocha Chocolate Chip – honoring opera legend Sherrill Milnes

·         Peanut Butter Piano Chippy – a vital musical accompaniment for our singers

·         Peppermint Diva Delight – well it wouldn’t be opera without our divas…..

·         Pistachio Opera Idol – competitive opera auditions on August 15th

·         Zerlina’s Red Raspberry Sorbet – honoring a lead role in Don Giovanni

·         Don Giovanni's Rum Bisque – the 2014 Festival Opera on August 3rd and 5th

·         Rum Raisin Around the World – VOICES Around the World on August 7th

·         Voices Out of a Honey Almond and Cream Hat –VOICES out of a hat on August 9th

·         Soprano Sorbet – hitting the high notes

·         Strawberry Sacred Song – VOICES of Sacred Song on August 12th

·         Friedman's Tutti Frutti – David Friedman’s FREE master class on August 8th

·         Vanilla Voices- Everyone’s favorite!


“At Leopold’s we love the arts so this partnership is a natural for us,” said Stratton Leopold, owner of Leopold’s Ice Cream and movie producer “We’re really excited to welcome all of the Savannah VOICE Festival artists and visitors into Leopold’s for a fun tribute to this great annual event in our city.”


To buy tickets, join the VOICE Society or for more information about the VOICE Festival’s plans, visit, email or call 855.76.OPERA


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Editor’s Note

Savannah VOICE Festival is a new 501 (c) 3 tax exempt non-profit arts organization in the state of Georgia.  The Festival brings classical vocal excellence to the Savannah area through a two-week celebration of concerts, events and educational presentations during the month of August and throughout the year.  Focusing on arts awareness and audience development in the performing arts, it offers music from opera, musical theatre and popular song.



VOICExperience Foundation is an educational non-profit partner organization to the Festival, helping young artists pursue their careers in the performing arts. It provides crucial outreaches to the communities it serves and perpetuates excellence in the art of singing with its educational programs. 


Both organizations were founded by opera legend Sherrill Milnes and soprano Maria Zouves. They work together to serve the community by providing the highest level of education and quality performances by talented artists for all to enjoy.  Donations to both organizations are tax-deductible.


For more information, please visit, or call 855.76.OPERA.