No one has yet to explain to me why Georgia needed nine--count 'em, NINE--weeks before we had our runoff election.  Every other state had the usual three weeks, so why was Gerogia stretched out three times as long?  Whether this contributed to Congressman Jack Kingston losing out to businessman David Purdue is a question that'll never have an answer but my feeling is it did.  It didn't take a crystal ball for me to predict that with such a wide gap that the mud would start slying and the need for hip boots and shovels would be the uniform of the day.   And so it was as the Republican candidates took shots at each other with more and more ridulous claims.  One of the most absurd claims from the Purdue camp accused Jack of preventing the harbor deepening project here. 

The monumental stupidity of that claim boggles the mind--unless you're the proverbial "uninformed" voter.  The nerve to say something so incredibly bogus it was almost laughable had it not been so serious. Just exactly how would that have worked?  Jack is not a member of the board of directors of the Georgia Port Authority nor has he in any position that would have given him for such power. Kingston has constantly lobbied long and hard in Congress to get our harbor deepened most of his time in Congress and had it been done when it was suppoed to it would have cost us half as much as it's going to cost now.  Jack has continually visited the ports and bringing with him other congressmen and important figures for tours who go back to Washington to lobby for harbor deepening. 

Kingston has been open and transparent in his dealings with everyone and everything including RETURNING money to the treasury by keeping his staff as lean as possible. He has been in constant touch with his district and worked tirelessly for us all.  He has been as good a public servant as anyone could ask.

Then, the crazy accusaiton that he took $80K from an organization run be convicted fellon.  No campaign can keep up with all donators when they're masked under different names but when Jack and his staff found out about it they returned the money.  Can't remember the number of times I've heard about Democrat candidates saying they "returned" money with no proof that ever happened. 

So while I hope Mr. Purdue wins in November, all of us lost last night.  Jack was so humble and gracious in defeat it was heartwarming.  I know he was sincere and will campaign for Purdue.  Another Democretin in Washington is the last thing we need.  Jack--you're a class act and it's an honor to know you and an even bigger honor to be your friend.