Every hour of every day--our first responders are on the job and most of us totally oblivious until we need them.  When we were hit with the most horrendous terrorist attack in history twelve years ago we found out who real heroes really are.  It is time, once again Saturday, to tell them and show them how much we appreciate them.  Join us for the 8th Annual Savannah Mile sponsored by the Two Hundred Club.

Most of us go to work and the worst hazard we face is our fellow drivers going to and from the office.  It's rare that we leave home with a thought in the back of our minds that we may never come home again.  Not so with our police officers and fire fighters--even EMS techs face danger when they too have to go into the "danger zone" to rescue someone.  Families too have that thought and overwhemingly dad or mom comes home.  But once in awhile the worst happens.  A first responder killed in the line of duty.  What happens to them then?  That's wehre the Two Hundred Club comes to the rescue.

The Two Hundred Club presents the family of said first responder with a check for $15,000.  That's not a loan--it's a gift.  But we don't stop there: we (wife Pam and I are members) make sure the kids get to stay in school taking care of college expenses while the family also gets to keep their house.  It's an amazing organization.  We are all volunteers--all your money donated goes to those families.  Fund raisers are the way we do it on a large scale--like the 8th Annual Savannah Mile Saturday.  You can see all the information and register at our website www.newsradiosavannah.com just check out the "event" section. 

Why not put your money where your mouth is--show these families how much you really care--join us Saturday.