There is no more diverse society on the planet than you'll find in Israel.  Jewish companies and businesses, American businesses, Arab businesses--anybody's welcome.  If you're Jewish and wake one day and decide to become a Christian--you're not going to have to worry about losing your head--literally!  The Jews are a uniqe and special people.  Most are not only friendly and accommodating but brilliant and concerned for their fellow man.  They are really into education as most become great engineers, doctors, lawyers, chemists and research scientists and entainers. 

The country itself is tiny and rightfully belongs to them--they were there long before Muhammad was even born.  They wish to live in peace--really.  When we did our morning show from Jerusalem for a week ten years ago I was so impressed with their kindness, intelligence and resolve.  We went to visit the CEO of Zim Lines in his office and what I thought would be a handshake and some "welcome" chit-chat turned into an hour-and-a-half session that made me feel like we were taking up way too much of his time.  I was extremely impressed with a young trauma surgeon who had opened his own clinic in one of their villages and charges very little.  He made his money by flying to Cleveland for a week every month to work in the emergency room at the Cleveland Clinic.  The list goes on and on. They were also anxious for George Bush to be re-elected (unlike their American counterparts). 

No matter how much Israel gives up in land they're entitled to (like Gaza) it simply gives their enemies a base of operation closer to launch missiles and terrorists upon them.  And no matter what Israel agrees to have you noticed it's never enough?  When Yassar "That's My Baby" Arafat was given 92-percent of what he was demanding several years ago, he turned it down!  That would be like you turning down a $8,800 raise next year because your employer wouldn't agree to the $10,000 you wanted.  Calling negotiations in the Middle East the "peace process" is as bogus as it gets.  Peace to Hamas and their confederates isn't the absence of war--it's the absence of Jews and Israel, PERIOD.

Watching the lame-stream media and goof-balls like Geraldo Rivera and others saying that Israel must stop killing the children in Gaza is disgusting.  Once again, Israel didn't start this current madness...the peace-loving Muslums did.  The citizens of Gaza are being put in harm's way by their Hamas leaders using their own people to protect their missiles.  Israel goes so far as to warn where they're going to strike and even when but the media calls Israel the aggressor. That's just pathetic.  They're demading Israel stop killing the children.  None of the commentators and/or reporters I've seen or heard have asked Hamas to stop putting children next to missle batteries.

When Israel did their part to give up Gaza a few years back they moved their people from the region who'd lived there 30 years or more. They left everything intact, including greenhouses so the Palestinians could have a turn-key operatoin.  They could set up shop and have a good income and a thriving business.  What did the peace-loving Muslums do? They completely destroyed every one of the establishments left for them.  Israel furnished concrete to help them build businesses in the area and what did the peace-loving Muslums do with it?  Build tunnels to sneek in to kill Jews.  But Israel is to blame if you listen to the media cretins. 

When will be have peace in the Midde East?  Quoting the late-great Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir: "There'll be peace when the Muslums start loving their children more than they hate the Jews."  Amen, madam, amen!