We are currently running PSAs (public service announcements) for our "Show Your Stripes" program.  If you're not familiar, it's encouraging businesses to hire military personnel who are leaving the service--many times by budget cuts.  Two of the announcements we're running include President Peace Prize and the First Lady and another with the aforementioned Michelle My Belle and Mrs. Joe Biden.

They have the gaul to actually sound like they care about our soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsmen.  #LOL!  What a load of bovine scat!  These two care about the military like I care about tree slugs. The Community-Organizer-in-Chief has been destroying our military ever since he took office.  The same guy who told us we could keep our health play/doctor if we liked 'em tells us we leave "no soldier behind."  But he trades five terrorists who'll do God only knows what to us now for a deserter!  Brings his parents to the White House and there's talk said soldier may get $350,000 tax free!  And I'd be willing to be next month's pay that he'll never be prosecuted! 

Yet Barry's not lifting a finger to get a true American hero released from a Mexican prison who served us twice in Afghanistan, highly decorated and simply made a driving error.  It's been four months or more and NOTHING!  The Dolly-bama wouldn't even need a pen...just a phone to call the president of Mexico to get our Marine back.  He's too busy playing golf, pool, and attending fund raisers.  Parenthetically, who are the anti-American cretins giving this guy and the Democretins money? 

Now soldiers in Afghanistan protecting us and his sorry butt are getting "pink slips." Are you kidding me?  He's sending pink slips to our brave soldiers in theater notices that they're being fired!?  As far as I'm concerned that's an act of treason but that's just me.  Dear Leader has been firing top officers right and left over the past six years...those who would be our generals and admirals in the next ten years.  Trumped up charges like "cheating" on nuclear clearance tests or whatever else they can make up at the White House. 

The world is on fire and he told a college audience recently that this was the most peaceful world we've ever had.  I don't know what planet he's living on but I wish it were on the one he's talking about!  Pray to God we can recover from his insanity!