Saturday (05-10) the 38th Annual Scottish Games will be taking place at Bethesda once again.  Weather should be darn near perfect and the entertainment and food is always fabulous.  You'll get to see some of the strangest and most fascinating games you've ever klans galore with their colorful tartans and kilts.  Celtic music and dancing that's absolutely world class.  What a great way to kick off Mothers' Day weekend too. 

It is my honor to be one of the emcees this year (Sonny Dixson couldn't make it) and the gates open at 9 with the opening ceremonies around noon.  The pageantry surrounding that event should be witnessed in person with all the klans and bands marching in.  You'll love it--guaranteed.  And there'll be games for the kids just like the ones for the adults too.  Among the highlights--as always--is the demonstrations of some of the most remarkable dogs on the planet--the Border Collies.  Bill and his grandson Daniel will amaze you and you'll get to meet the dogs too! 

So as you get ready to thank Mom again this year for all she's done for you, take her to the Scottish Games at Bethesda's Bynah's Field--just follow the are $10 in advance, $12 at the gate and parking is free.  Hope to see you there.