Ah...those wonderful left-wing lunes who believe in the First Amerndment so long as they agree with you.  Once again the sub-morons in charge at Costco tried something we commonly call "censorship."  Costco decided they were not going to carry Dnesh D'sosa's new best-selling book "America" which imagines a world without her.  This shows that even large corporations can lean left.  It amazes me to no end that companies and citizens who do so well financially thanks to the American free enterprize system are constantly trying to destroy it--or those who promote it. 

We hear stories all the time about certain book store chains that will put a conservative book on bottom shelves or hide it somewhere in the store.  You'd think they would want the business, more books sold the more secure the company and the jobs it supports.  Yet Costco thought it was high-and-mighty to refuse to sell "America" because of--I suppose--critics on the left who are as afraid of the truth as the Devil avoids Holy Water. 

The lame excuse Costco came up with is the classic liberal "logic" trying to justify their censorship and monumental stupidity.  It went something like this: "We have high standards and sell only best sellers."  Yet Costco is carrying the Hildabeast's new piece of garbage "Hard Choices" which is selling so poorly rumor has it Hillary is in depression over it.  Something like 80,000 of her book out of the over one million printed.  Whoever was dumb enough to print that many deserves whatever they get.  And whoever thought it was a good idea to pay her $14-million for it needs serious couch time with that drill sergeant-turned-psychologist in that classic Geico ad a few years back. 

Fortunately, you came through again.  The outcry was so loud and long that Costco had to crawfish out of that idioc logic and return "America" to their shelves.  It just goes to show that when we on the correct (a-k-a "right") side of the aisle when make the same noise for a rightous cause we too can make a difference to unmake the remaking of the good ol' USA.