If ever there was a profession that needed a little extra love...it's the cops!!! And you can show that love on Saturday February 4th at Kevin Barry's down on River Street.  Tiffanie Miller is the wife of a Savannah Metropolitan Police officer and has started a support group for spouses of police officers and other first responders called "Handcuffed To My Hero." This is her brainchild and much needed in a time when we had an administration that hated the police and sided with thugs and other law-breakers before any facts were in.  One of the most amazing things their program provides is comfort capes made from shirts of law enforcement officers.

The group has now become a 401(c)3 so any donation you make is now tax-deductible!  And you can have fun donating by attending their first fund-raising event at Kevin Barry's on River Street Saturday February 4th.  Cost of the ticket is $45 but the deadline is Friday...this Friday the 27th to make sure the event goes forward.  It sounds like lots of fun where you get dressed up for a cocktail dinner party and Go On A Date With A Hero. 

It runs 6:30 to 9 and you can find out more by going to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/events/1188229404559154.  Hope to see you there!!!