If you're looking for a delightful Sunday evening I highly recommend coming to hear Savannah's own piano star, Jeff Perks.  Jeff's presenting a free concert at the White Bluff United Methodist Church at 7:00 this weekend October 20th.  Jeff was once told by his first piano teacher to find another instrument because he'd never be a piano player.  His second teacher thought differently and so did Jeff. For four years Jeff was Carnival Cruise Line's number-one entertainer.  His organ and piano talent and simply awesome and I promise you'll be thoroughly entertained.  I'll be emceeing the event Sunday night starting at 7:00 and you're cordially invited. 

Check out Jeff's website www.jeffperks.com to find out more about this extremely talented young man who now performs at one of the largest churches in Charlotte.  Sample some of his music and enjoy.  We play Jeff's Christmas music all the time and our listeners call and ask where they can get his recordings.  Jeff will be with us Friday morning to tell you more about Sunday's concert.  Fabulous stuff and just because we're in a church venue doesn't mean he's playing strictly church music.  Lots of pop stuff is on the agenda too. 

So come see and hear Jeff Perks this Sunday evening at 7:00 at the White Bluff United Methodist Church.  It'll be an evening you'll enjoy immensely.