As this is written Valentine's Day is just over two weeks away.  To you gentlemen let me tell you about the BEST $40 you'll ever spend.  It's not chocolate, not flowers or a nice night out (if you can have a nice night out for $40 anymore).  It's a singing Valentine! For a mere $40 you can express your love to your spouse of significant other by having a barbershop quartet serenade her. 

Savannah's Barbershop Chorus will have its quartets delivering Singing Valentines all over Greater Savannah from Saturday February 11th through Tuesday February 14th. Your Valentine will be visited by four handsome gentlemen in red blazers who will sing two beautiful love songs while delivering a rose and card from you.  Time-specific requests and singing groups will result in higher rates.  All reservations can be made by calling the Barbershop Hotline at (912) 344-9768 or by email to  But do it quickly.

At only $40, let me tell you guys this is priceless...and it never gets old!