Our lamestream anti-American media is at it again.  For the first time in over a half-centry our economy shrunk by a whopping three-percent!  So far, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh absolutely NOTHING is being said by the media which is remaining silent as the Sphinx.  If you'll join me in the WTKS Time Machine I can remember when we had a real President like George Bush (II) when the economy grew by 3% the press had a proverbial cow with reports and articles about how poorly the econony was "limping along."  If 250,000 jobs were added it wasn't reported as something good--they would give is the provercial "Yeah, BUTT" it was expected to be 300,000! 

Today, if we lose 58,000 jobs the media says just the opposite:  "The Job loss is encouraging--15,000 fewer than last month."  Double whoopie ding-ding!!! The economy is turning around thanks to our brilliant Dear Leader, Barack-the-Magnificent!  Under President Bush the economy was sluggish at best...but under the Dolly Bahma with the economy going down the drain, things are getting better because it's not going down the drain as quickly as they thought it might. 

How much longer are these idiots going to keep running behind this guy with a pooper-scooper protecting him.  Do they not understand that if this economy continues to dive even their jobs are going to be gone?  Unless they wish to work for free--which from what I see and hear from many they ought to be anyway.  These left-wing loons avoid the truth like the Devil avoids Holy Water.  Well they can keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic if they wish but they do it at our peril.  As the late Paul Harvey used to say: "We keep singing 'God Bless America' without giving Him a good reason why he should."  AMEN!