Saturday's headline said it went something like this, "Obama wants to contain the enemy not destroy them."  I can only imagine what public reaction would be if, during World War II President Roosevelt had said the same about Hitler or Japan. We want to "contain" them, not "destroy" them?  Are you kidding?  President Truman, when he took over after Roosevelt's death, didn't want to mess around and drag the war in the Pacifc after we'd destroyed the was time to focus on the other front.  Truman decided to use the new atom bomb them rather than put "boots on the ground."  We were not preoccupied with such nonsense as wondering why they were "mad at us" or what we did to make them mad at us either.  We even warned the Japanese that we had a very powerful new weapon we were not afraid to use if they didn't surrender.  The warning was ignored, calling our bluff.  So we dropped one...and they still didn't surrender.  So we dropped another and that finally got their attention...and their surrender.

That's called "Victory."  Here in Savannah we have the biggest war memorial in the world--it's called ''Victory Drive."  You can find the monument in Daffin Park at the intersectoin of Victory and Waters.  All those palm trees were planted in honor of our war dead and those from Savannah who served in what was known then as "The Great War" that we now call World War I.  Our object was to WIN...Victory.  The word is missing from President Fund Raiser's lexicon.  We want to "contain" the enemy?  What kind of garbage is that?  Imagine your doctor after discovering a disease in your body saying...we want to contain your disease, not destroy it?  I'd be looking for another doctor in a hurry. 

My dad was a pretty good athlete in his youth, including playing on Georgia Tech's one-and-only Rose Bowl team.  He always told me that the best way to lose was to feel sorry for your opponent.  This nonsense from the Golfer-in-Chief  trying to "understand" our enemies and apologizing to them and apogogize for America has worked like a charm hasn't it?  Apparently his chrisma and charm isn't getting the job done.  Unless the job is to destroy America which IS working well.  How we elected this cretin in the first place is beyond my comprehension but the fact that we re-elected him is, to paraphrase a famous First Lady, the first time I've been ashamed of my country.  It shows how the media and public education--or lack thereof--has penetrated our society. 

Let us not forget that when this moron was elected we were told he'd heal the racial divide too.  How's that workin' for you?  Has it been "contained?"  Have our enemies been "contained?"  You don't contain your enemy--you destroy them or they'll destroy you.  If that's his defination of "victory" it's fully understandable that Rush said, "I hope he fails."