I'm always amused when someone asks me if I really use the products I endorse.  The answer is "yes!"  When we first started advertising Wiley's Championship Bar-B-Que a couple of years back, folks would ask if their food was as good as I said it was and had I ever tried it.  Again, the answer is "yes" on both counts.  Of course with something like food it can also be a matter of taste.  The great thing I love about bar-b-que is that just about everyone's is different with their own special personal touch.  Some you like, some you don't (as hard as that is to believe).  A listener or two has informed me that they didn't particularly care for Wiley's--I recommended some serious coach time for them. 

The majority, however, agrees with me that Wiley's Championship Barbecue is outstanding and we have now even more proof--Trip Advisor has just come out with their survey of the best BBQ joints in the country and Wiley's is ranked 4th!  That's 4th across the country.  So to Wiley and wife Janet--AWESOME!  Way to go, good friends.  If you haven't already done so, check 'em out.

See?  I told ya'!