My mouth fell open when I read the post by WTOC's Mike Cihla: 

New warrant issued indicates Georgia man may have intentionally left his 22 month old son in hot car to die in Atlanta.

In some media outlets, including, Cobb police public information officer Sgt. Dana Pierce has said the case “shocks his conscience” as a police officer, but has declined to cite specifics.

The boy's, mother, Leanna Harris, has declined to speak publicly about either the toddler’s death or her husband’s arrest.

Details: and HERE


How in the freakin' world could a person do such a cruel thing?!?!?!

That poor child.  cry

I realize that this man is innocent until proven guilty.  If, however, he is found guilty, the law had better make whatever rest of life he is allowed to live as miserable as possible!