Carly Simon & James Taylor in 1977 performing "You Can Close Your Eyes"

(My sweet hubby has always loved singing this song to his children. -Laura)


Happy Birthday to Carly Simon, who turns 69 today (June 25th)!!!

Simon says she was never a big fan of birthdays, even as a little girl: "They're all big in a way. I've never been a birthday person. I've always had birthdays that were at the beginning of summer camp and so all my friends went away to summer camp on my birthday, generally, so I never had parties. And so I was the only one in the family that was never given a party because of it being just that my friends were all away then. Boo-hoo. I always say I don't care about my birthday and then it turns out if people forget it, I get sad, but I say I don't really care."

Carly says that the most enjoyable part of recording these days is singing with her adult children from her marriage to James Taylor, Sally and Ben Taylor: "With Sally and Ben, when the three. . . I mean Sally and I have very different voices, but there's something about them that sounds almost identical when we sing. And Ben and I have very similar voices even though he enunciates very much like James, but the huskiness in his voice is like mine. So when Ben and I sing together it sounds very much like the way James and I used to sing."




  • In 2011 Carly Simon revealed that Mick Jagger took a 1974 collaboration by the two and co-credited Keith Richards instead of her. At the same time that Jagger laid down backing vocals on Simon's 1972 track and eventual chart-topper, "You're So Vain," she says that she and Jagger went on to co-write a future Stones classic -- which found her edged out of the songwriting credit.
  • Simon is quoted on Marc Spitz' recent biography, Jagger: Rebel, Rock Star, Rambler, Rouge, as saying, "We wrote a song together that became a song on the next (Rolling) Stones album (It's Only Rock N' Roll) called, 'Till The Next Goodbye.' I thought that was going to be a joint venture, but I'd never heard from Mick about how he'd like me to share the royalties."
  • She went on to clarify that Jagger was not the subject of "You're So Vain" -- or that the relationship was ever anything other than professional. Simon also said, that there's no hard feelings for Jagger cribbing the tune from her: "It's the very least I can do to thank Mick for turning what could have been an ordinary record into an iconic huge song for me over the years -- so, my God, let him take all my songs and say he wrote them."