MacObama(PHOTO:  FOX News Radio)

On my way back from a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. yesterday, I received some sad news.  One of our favorite FOX News Radio reporters had passed away from lung cancer.  Mike Majchrowitz was the White House correspondent, and when I found out he'd passed on Sunday I figured that's why it rained on Sunday afternoon - Washington was crying.

Mike Mac as I called him, was just 51.  Bill and I knew he'd been battling lung cancer for the 2nd time and we sorely missed Mike when he'd stepped down from what we refer to as "reporter 2-ways".  Still, though, Mike continued to work at FNR and that gave me hope that he would beat the cancer. 

Mike always knew what he was talking about, he sounded like he loved his job, he was 'real' in his delivery, and he always made us laugh.

I've spent a good part of this morning and early afternoon reading what other folks have written about Mike.  I've also been listening to 2-ways with him that Bill and I had archived.  I put together a clip of some of his funny stuff, some of his serious stuff, of what Mike Mac eerily said about visiting Savannah...and I hope you'll take the less than 2 minutes to listen to him. 

For the short amount of time that I had to work with FOX News Reporter Mike Majchrowitz via phone, I am grateful! 

God rest his soul and God bless his family, friends and Washington, D.C. on their loss...