LISTEN NOW to hear what happened Friday after FOX News Radio reporter Emily Wither had to abruptly hang-up during our interview with her.  She also talks about the scary experience of a FOX colleague, and gives a great description of Israel's dilemma...

FOX  reporter abruptly hangs up on us because of immediate threat in Israel

7/18/2014 - This morning Bill and I talked, as we regularly do, with FOX News Radio reporter Emily Wither in Israel about the escalating violence there.  She had to abruptly hang up on us because she was in immediate danger and told to leave right away.  It was one of the most chilling phone calls I'd ever been on.

I could tell something was not right before I put Emily on the air, so I was ready with a story she'd filed earlier and that's what you later hear during the break. 

Since this call, we've been in contact with Emily and she's fine, writing in an email:  "I was in a closed military zone and explosions starting going off around us and they came over and told me to leave immediately!!! So I drove very very quickly out of there :)"

If you're curious about the song played in the's from about 8 years ago!  It's "Before She Does" from Eric Church's debut CD.  The whole song sounds great cranked up loudly in the car! :-)