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Combining vodka and tequila sounds like the makings of a bad hangover and possibly a night in jail, but someone has made the combination, calling it Red Eye Louie's Vodquilla, and it won the silver medal in this year's International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Britain's Daily Mail reports that it was created by a man named Chander Arora and his daughter, Nina, and cites this review of the alcohol from Drink Hacker:  "The nose is heavy on the agave, lemony, with an undercurrent of sugar. On the palate, it's that vodka-fueled sugar that hits you first. Your brain doesn't know whether to prepare for a sweet, modern-style vodka experience or something else, but before you get the chance to make up your mind, the tequila hits. At first it offers a strong herbal agave character, with more of that lemon, but then comes along a lightly spiced finish that's absolutely loaded with sweetness -- almost like a slice of cinnamon toast."


I've tried Jose Cuervo's Cinnamon Vodka, which is delicious and goes down easy!