(PHOTO: not the actual bear; from www.ruralramblings.com)

11:54am - Just in from the Midway Police Department:  Approx 930 am received two 911 calls in reference to a bear in the area of GA 25 and Medway Dr. Upon Officer Ainsworth and Sgt Mark Rich's arrival on scene at the old Ida Mae & Joe's restaurant a passer by stopped us and advised us it was south of us and just crossed the roadway heading back into the woods. Officer Ainsworth had a visual on the bear as it went back into the woods. We're still in the area searching and just received another call stating it's in the area of IGA on Butler Ave.

Authorities in Midway are searching for a wayward bear.

Midway Police Officer Mark Rich said a bear estimated to be 700 pounds was spotted in the area of Medway Road and North Coastal Highway/GA 17 by a motorist this morning.

Rich and Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes, along with several other officers, have been searching the wooded areas surrounding where the bear was spotted in hopes of finding it.

“It is not our intention to kill it but redirect the animal from this area back into the woods,” Rich said.

Rich added that Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials believe it probably came from the Okefenokee swamp. 

You're advised not to approach the bear and to let it do it’s thing- which may be searching for food.  It is against the law to kill the animal unless human life is in imminent danger.

Officer Ainsworths size 11 boot next to the foot print


(the bear's tracks)


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