Yesterday (4/30/2014), the Today Show got together a lot of the original cast of the hit TV series "Little House on the Prairie" for the show's 40th anniversary as well as to announce the release of the first 2 seasons on DVD. 

I LOVED that show!  It meant so much to me, especially coming from a broken family.  I wanted to be ON "Little House". 

Watching that reunion reminded me of how much I loved "Little House" and Melissa Gilbert and Almonzo and Albert.  It also made me realize my age.  40 years since "Little House on the Prairie" debuted on TV! 

I got nostalgic for the days of anticipating a new episode on Monday nights and watching reruns after school while my parents worked.  

Growing up, I was never very good at keeping diaries.  I have, perhaps, about a dozen or two entries total from my tween through teen years.  Here is one of them where I mention my fondness of "Little House" cool!  I was a few weeks shy of 12.  The "Little House" mention is at the bottom. 

I never did get to be on "Little House" (LOL) or even meet Melissa Gilbert, Dean Butler or Matthew Laborteaux, but I did get to interview Melissa via phone for the radio a few years ago when her autobiography came out! 

Melissa was great, one of my all-time favorite interviews!  And it's not because I got to talk to a childhood idol.  Melissa was one of the most "real" celebrities I've interviewed.  I felt like I was talking to a friend because she didn't seem to have up a shield around her.  There's a blonde supermodel I loved when I was a tween/teen, but when I finally got to talk with her I was very unimpressed.  She had an agenda and a wall up and was very hard to related with

Anyway, Have fun reading!

Note:  April, Renee, Wendy and I made up a few days later.  That's in another entry (where I also mention "Little House", LOL!)...

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