March Sees Largest Immigrant Influx In Years


March is turning out to be the biggest month in years for illegal border crossings. The Border Patrol says this March had the highest number of immigrants caught crossing the border in a dozen years with more than 103,000 taken into custody. The report says on average right now 3,000 are coming into the U.S. every day. In El Paso alone this March the report says there has been an increase of more than 330% in illegal immigrant arrivals compared to the same period in 2018. Border agents also say they are getting wise to immigrant adults attempting to gain an advantage by faking family ties. Border Patrol officials say some immigrant adults are showing up with children who are not their own kids. The officials say for asylum seeking immigrants to be treated as a family, the unit must consist of some combination of an actual mother or father in the company of biological or adopted children, not nieces, nephews, friends or strangers. The family members must have with them the proper documentation to prove their relationships.

Photo: AOL


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