Better Get Used to Lefty Cretins

Welcome back to the 60's!  As one who grew up during the Civil Rights era along with the campus rioters of the 60's who were protesting everything from the Viet Nam War to the Sun coming up in the east Wednesday night's riots and protests on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley was a blast from the more ways than one.  Seems that the Communists who run that asylum for lower learning haven't progressed at all.  The ironic thing about that university is that it was supposed to be the home of free speech.  And you are more than welcome to speak on campus--so long as they agree with what you're saying.  If not, all First Amendment rights are null and void.  Wednesday night was the same ol' song when a speaker invited to address students and faculty by the campus Republicans (both of them, I suppose) was prevented from doing so by the "tolerant left."  


A Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannoloulos, was invited by the Campus Republicans who had to agree to pay for extra security in order to have him speak.  But in typical left-wing fashion students who have such closed minds they have to stack their ideas vertically, began to show up along with the professional protesters who came in in their black suits, shields, weapons and masks and began their rant.  ISIS would be so pleased because one can hardly tell the difference.  But ISIS may not be smart enough yet to know they could hire ACLU (American Communist Lovers Union) to sue these guys for copyright infringement!  You can watch the video for yourself.  The irony of these cretins calling Milo an anarchist I'm sure is lost. We could, however, call these sub-morons "homophobes" since Milo is gay!  

Chances are these uniformed dirt-bags are not students but the paid thugs from the George Soros ilk.  But once again you can thank your lucky starts Donald Trump was elected.  Just look at the supporters for Hillary!  Here they are on riot parade.  Have you heard ONE Democretin or the Hildabeast condemn this action?  The university officials have at least.  However, the atmosphere on this campus with the faculty that apparently hasn't changed much since the 60's except their students are the ones fomenting this culture.  

Think it's going to get better?  Guess who's in charge of the University of California system?  None other than Janet Napalitano!  That's right,  the former governor of Arizona and then the incompetent boob who was head of Homeland Security under President Barry Sotoro.  She's now chancellor of the California University System.  The same wonderful woman who gave us such great terms for terrorism like: "Man made disasters," and "workplace violence."  

So just get used to this my fellow deplorables...this pond scum is going to be quite active throughout the Trump Administration for the next eight years.  Even if he (Trump) comes up with a cure for cancer and AIDS he'll continue to be attacked by this crowd.  This movement is well organized and well financed.  And one big question from Wednesday night's anarchy: where were the cops and how many have been arrested?  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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