Authorities Failed: It's the NRA's Fault

Let's go over the facts as we know them at this writing.  In 2013 the Parkland, Florida school system quit reporting problem students to police because it was labeled "racist" so police reports dropped from over a thousand a year to less than 400.  And the high school where this miscreant attended was kicked out and told never to come back--but he did!  The question was, why was he able to.  Law enforcement was warmed about this kid on numerous occasions, the Broward County Sheriff's Office received no less than 23 calls about this monster and did nothing. There were numerous warnings that he was buying weapons and police were called to his homes too many times to mention. A deputy was told specifically that this creep was threatening to "shoot up his school."  He took photographs of himself with his firearms.  That information was forwarded to Deputy Scott Peterson...the same security guard at Douglas High School who didn't think it was necessary to go into the school while the shooting was in progress but chose to stay outside and when three of his colleagues arrived they didn't go in the school either?  Something's amiss here--they can't all be cowards!  Were they following some ridiculous protocol?  

Broward County officials were warned in 2016 that this dirtbag was a mass-murder in the making and was collecting weapons to carry it out.  They didn't do so much as write a report on the tip but referred the caller to report it to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.  Later in 2016 there was solid evidence of suicide by Cruz and expressed his desire to buy a firearm yet the Florida Department of Children & Families decided he was neither a danger to himself or society.  Had they taken action and taken him into temporary custody he would not have been able to buy any firearm so that's how he got them.  

Next on the list...the FBI (notice the NRA has yet to be involved) in September last year the Bureau was warned a You Tube user--Nicholas Cruz--(spelled correctly) said: "I'm going to be a professional school shooter."  The FBI had the unmitigated gall to say that wasn't enough information who said it and they couldn't do anything.  Then in January this year the FBI was warmed, yet again, the Cruz was planning to shoot up a school.  This time they were given specific information about his erratic behavior of gun collecting, his expressed desire to kill people. The tipster warned the feds that this guy was going to explode and it was only a matter of time before he--quoting--"was in a school and shooting the place up."  The caller also told the FBI that she spoke up so she would have a "clear conscience if he takes off and starts shooting the place up." 

What did the FBI do--ZIP, ZERO, NADA!  They didn't even bother to notify their Miami field office.  The school system is also  to blame.  In 2013 school officials decided, at the behest of the Obama DOJ officials, radically cut down on in-school arrests claiming that school discipline was racially bias!  Rush Limbaugh reported on his Monday (02-26-18) broadcast that the then-president and his confederates wanted more racial balance in the penal system.  The school system simply stopped referring students to police for assault, drug abuse or actual crimes of any sort.  Total arrests precipitated from over a thousand a year to fewer than 400.  Cruz was constantly in trouble but never charged nor convicted and never stopped from buying a gun.  

So we're left to defend ourselves yet these same government officials who's prime directive is to protect its citizens wants to take the guns out of our hands so we can't defend ourselves.  So obviously the NRA is at fault here!  That's a JOKE, SON!  (As Foghorn Leghorn would be quick to point out).  Yet, once again, corporate America has had some cold wind blown on them by some far-left publications and blog sites and some kids (though goodness knows we can't criticize them) billboards have gone up in some cities saying: "Kill the NRA"...saw one in Louisville...and corporations have suddenly caved like the proverbial cheap mattress and withdrawn discounts to NRA members including: Delta Airlines, United Air Lines, Hertz, Avis, Alamo, National, Budget, Visa, Fed Ex, just to name a few.  SHAME ON THEM!  

I AM THE N-R-A! I'm a life member and a member of Gun Owners of America (GOA) as well.  I am a responsible gun owner with prior military experience and independent training though gun-training instructors here at both Thunderbolt Guns and the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.  I practice shooting regularly.  I have never shot anyone nor do I have a desire to and pray to God every day I never have to shoot at anything but a paper target.  And none of my firearms have ever gone off without me pulling the trigger nor have they moved anywhere I didn't put them in the first place.  

So I'm cancelling my Visa card, will try not to fly Delta or United or rent a car from any of the idiots who run those companies till they collectively come to their senses.  This is pathetic on so many levels it's disgusting.  The monumental stupidity of corporate America in cases like this is disappointing indeed.  I try to avoid products and not do business run by left-wing loons but I don't go on rants trying to intimidate them or run them out of business.  The left and those who are immature and angry and hurt (the kids) get radical   The left and the media--but I repeat myself--are using these poor kids as pawns and few of them are hardly aware of it.  So to quote Shakespeare, something a southerner doesn't usually do, "A pox on both your houses."  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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