Real Pond Scum!

The Humane Society of Greater Savannah has a thrift store to help raise money to run the shelter.  There's also a storage shed where the overflow is kept.  Until this weekend when some dirtgags broke in and ransacked the place, stole some items, broke a window and basically cost them money they could have spent on the animals instead of repairs.  They are currently asking for the community to help them replenish their supplies.  There's little doubt that we'll come through like the caring, loving community we are.  I also hope that the Savannah Police will track these low-lifes down and put them behind bars!  Behind the bars at the Humane Society that is.  

In a just world these creeps would be locked up in the animal cages and required to clean them daily for at least a month and perhaps the rest of the year.  Perhaps they would think about their life of crime next time.  It won't happen of course because our friends at the the American Communist Lovers Union (ACLU) would scream bloody murder that this was cruel and unusual punishment.  Frankly it's not punishment enough as far as I'm concerned.  

So let's all pitch in and help the shelter and then pray these guys get what they deserve.  And let's be generous when it comes to helping get their storage shed back up to par.   

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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