War on Whites

Once upon a time the country of Rhodesia could feed itself and plenty of other folks in other countries as well.  But once the Communists established a black majority regime took over that soon came to an end. Why?  The mostly-white farmers were arrested, their land confiscated and most murdered.  The land was then turned over to its "rightful owners" who happened to be black.  The only problem, other than the human carnage was, these new owners didn't have a clue about farming.  Today the people of what is now Zimbabwe are having to import food if they want to eat anything.  

South Africa will soon be next.  As the news media and black leaders around the world cried to decades about "Apartheid" in that country where whites were the ruling class.  When black leaders in Africa murdered thousands of their own people the news media might have given the story 20 or 30 seconds.  When a riot broke out in South Africa and two or three blacks were killed the media would give THAT story five minutes or more.  Pressure continued and the black leader who had been trying to destroy apartheid and had been in prison for decades, Nelson Mandela, was released, the white regime turned power over the the black majority and Mandela was elected president.  He was turned into a "rock star" going on world-wide tours and greeted by adoring crowds and fans.  Forget the fact was was a member of the African National Congress or he was a Communist--the media loves Communists.

What happened to South Africa soon after Mandela took power?  Murder rates skyrocketed. In fact, 70,000 whites have been murdered in the "modern" South Africa.  Many Afrikaners (as they are known) fled to us here in America and elsewhere.  And many more better.  It just got worse a couple of weeks ago.  The South African congress voted overwhelmingly to confiscate all farm land owned by whites without any compensation whatsoever and turned over to its "rightful owner." They also added parenthetically that they might even let the white owners live--for the time being.  Seems the legend of Rhodesia is being ignored--taking farmland away from people who know how to use it and give it to some who doesn't is an invitation to eventual starvation.  

And it's going to be pretty easy to take that land too because, you see, the commie-pinkos running the place confiscated the guns years back and getting one is extremely difficult.  Sound familiar? Gun bans puts guns in the hands of the bad guys and the government--but I repeat myself. 

Those Afrikaners better start thinking about getting the heck out of there and we should welcome them with open arms.  As Barack Obama might say, "It's the right thing to do."  These people are extremely intelligent, hard working and they already speak English.  We could give them temporary visas and all these companies who are looking for workers would find this to be a boat from heaven.  More DACAs, but, of course, the Democretins would go into a rage (yeah, I know, how can you tell?) because these folks would probably overwhelmingly vote Republican.  Let's evaluate that  hypocrisy! 

When the slaughter begins in South Africa I'm curious as to how the lamestream media will cover it, if it's even mentioned at all.  Disgusting!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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