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It's coming!  The so-called "Student March" that the lamestream media is salivating over.  Just like the poor misguided cretin in the picture these poor kids are being led around like sheep.  Their narrative has already been blown after yet another school shooting in Maryland Tuesday (03-20) this morning.  A good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun. That's not supposed to happen--more guns are don't work but somehow one gun did this time.  The school resource officer engaged the shooter and killed him. Unfortunately not before he shot two students one of whom is in critical condition and the other satisfactory at this writing.  My prayers go with them all.  

These children actually believe they have organized this weekend's event.  They had no more hand in  organizing something of this magnitude than Camel Cigarettes cartoon character Joe Camel was responsible for kids starting to smoke.  This is not a grass-roots movement, this is well orchestrated by left-wing loons and groups who are not letting a crisis go to waste.  It was amusing to see their recent walkout where they violated school rules to protest violating rules where Nancy Pu-lousy and Bernie Sanders.  Seeing Sanders work his way through the crowd with two or three bodyguards who had--believe it or not, Ripley--those EVIL guns!  What did they need those for do you suppose? 

Monday night on The Ingraham Angle on the Fox News Channel Laura Ingraham spoke with Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gotowski told us about a group called Every Town for Gun Safety (read: confiscating guns) that was financed by billionaire cretin Michael Blooming-Idiot former mayor of New York City who's poured millions into this group.  They even created a group called Students Demand Change and watch to see the massive push to register these children to vote with the goal to "take back power."  This is well financed and well organized with the Hollywierd left pitching in millions more including George Clooney, Oprah (they've each pitched in a half-million apiece), Steven Spielberg and the same organizers of that hideous "Women's March" after Donald Trump was elected, Planned Parenthood is also involved. ( Of course, they'll be working with kids who were lucky enough to make it out of the womb.) 

The kids are getting the full media push.  David "Camera" Hogg and one of his confederates managed to make it on to 60 Minuets Sunday somehow.  All to drive the electorate to ban guns.  And who or what is the "whipping boy" in all this?  Why the National Rifle Association of course!  Forget the facts like not a single mass shooter has been a member of the NRA, nor does the NRA sell guns.  It's simply an organization that supports the Second Amendment and had it not been for the NRA our gun rights might have gone by the wayside decades ago.  

We who truly believe in a free society and wish to keep our gun rights darn well better get out to vote again in November.  We need to be as organized and fired-up as they are because the left is relentless or to use the title of a great old William Holden film: Satan Never Sleeps. 

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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