Spring(field) Into Action

Let's just call this "shooting back."  Hats off to Springfield Armory, one of the most respected names in firearms, severing ties with Dick's Sporting Goods and its subsidiary, Field & Stream after they hired a group of anti-Second Amendment lobbying digbats.  This comes in the wake of Dick's decision to remove and destroy all modern sporting rifles from their inventory.  And Dick's is now denying all those under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment rights by refusing to sell firearms to them.  Springfield, rightly so, that all law-abiding American citizens of adult age are guaranteed this sacred right under our Constitution.  Of course, their rival, Cabellas has not missed out on this marketing opportunity by buying ads reading: We at Cabellas believe 18 to 21 year olds deserve their Second Amendment rights because we're not Dick's."  

It's about time we saw some gumption and backbone from American businesses who are constantly beaten down and shamed by the left for the most innocuous reasons.   Because the Parkland, Florida shooter was 19 so we shouldn't sell guns to those under 21.  The "logic" of the left strikes again; I didn't hear anyone saying that the Las Vegas shooter, who was (I believe) 56 and killed 58 people that we shouldn't sell guns to 56-year-olds.  It makes no sense but, then again, the left never does.  So Springfield Armory has told Dick's to sort of stick it where the sun don't shine.  They said: "Their (Dick's/Field & Stream) position runs counter to what we stand for as a company.  At Springfield Armory, we believe in the right and principals fought for and secured by American patriots and our founding forefathers, without question.  We will not accept Dick's Sporting Goods' continued attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms to our fellow citizens."  Amen!  

Most companies in the past have just tucked their tails and gotten their "knees" bloody begging for forgiveness that the left never grants.  But when they do something idiotic and/or disrespectful and draw lots of heat for it they'll say they were just kidding and think that's okay--they don't mean it but they say it to appease.  Starbucks is a classic example--founded by leftists and run by leftists (for the most part) they have been the leader in corporate butt kissing to the "diversity" crowd.  Putting political slogans on their cups that drew outrage so that eventually stopped. So then after former Attorney General Eric (With)Holder said something really stupid--which, even for him, was a feat--that we've "never had an honest discussion about race in this country" Starbucks  started telling their employees to start engaging in racial and environmental conversations with the customers.  That went over like the proverbial "lead balloon" too.  Even lefties wanted their cinnamon-walnut latte with light foam in a hurry without much discussion.  And since the "jury" is always out on you from the left what just happened at a Starbucks in Philadelphia?  Two guys (who happened to be black) were apparently sitting there taking up the space of paying customers so they got arrested for loitering. Did the PC police cut Starbucks any slack because of their 24-7 crusade for human rights, diversity, world peace, harmony, equal pay for women, and saving the planet? Not on your climate-changing SUV!  They were descended upon like locusts, cries of "boycott" because of one incident at one of their 800,000 stores!  Now to get back in the good graces of the lunatic fringe they're going to be closing ALL their stores worldwide for two hours for more race-sensitive training.  That'll work...until the next incident when someone at Starbucks feels like their drink wasn't hot enough or cold enough because they were transgender or left handed or were simply ticked off because the Sun came up in the east again.  

So thank God Springfield Armory is fighting back.  The Boy Scouts--er Scouts BSA--could take a lesson along with a lot of other companies.  I wonder if Delta Air Lines will refuse to fly Springfield Armory shipments or executives now?  One has to wonder.  But I feel sorry for the "little guy" who works at a place like Dick's.  They may be totally against the corporate policy, same with the managers but they have to comply if they want to keep their jobs.  We have a very loyal and grateful listener who is a manger at Starbucks here and listens quite often.  He's not happy with Starbucks' corporate garbage but has to put up with it.  But with Springfield Armory this is a start--a very good one."  

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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