Taking Candy from a Baby

Sometime over this past weekend the absolute unthinkable happened.  For the past several years WSAV and other local businesses have done a huge fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.  They have auctioned off a new fully-furnished house.  Only this year it'll be newly refurnished.  The reason?  Someone broke into the property over the weekend and must have made eight trips because they did a great deal of damage and stole a lot of property.  

From what they took one would think that somebody must have seen something.  It could not have been just one person and they had to have made numerous trips and had a large vehicle(s) to haul it away.  A wide-screen TV was taken off the den wall, a washer and dryer were stolen--from the upstairs laundry room, box springs and mattresses stolen as well as a couch, a door kicked in, the list goes on.

I know we're raising a society without a conscience or morals these days but most people still have some sense of decency.  It's one thing to break into someone's home and steal items like these--that's horrible enough but to steal it from a charity???  How much lower can you get?  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is one of the most incredible medical facililties in the world.  When the late-great entertainer Danny Thomas ()who knows why?) brought his "dream" to fruition survival rate for children with lukemia was in the single-digit percentiles.  Today,  the survival rate is in the high double-digit percentiles.  Their research has been remarkable and they freely share that knowledge for other medical facilities around the world.

Best of all, they never charge their patients' families a dime.  But because of that they are always on a fund-raising campaign since it costs approximately $2.7 million a day to operate.  And our local efforts go toward that thanks to all those items stolen over the weekend were donated.  But be assured they will all be replaced.  But I have complete confidence in the Richmond Hill Police who will get this case solved and those responsible behind bars.  As my mom used to say about scumbags like this, "Killing is too good for them."  I know in this politically correct day and age that'll get some liberal's shorts in a wad but I don't care.  They deserve 30-days in the electric chair but that'll never happen but they deserve the old colonial day punishment where bad guys were put in stocks in the downtown square so people could come by and hurl insults (ans whatever else) at them.  Ah, the good ol' days. 

One might ask: "You mean the days when kids could play outside way past dark and not have to worry about being kidnapped...you mean when you could leave your car and house unlocked and there were no mass shootings?"  Yeah...those good ol' days in the real America!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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