"You Knew I Was A Snake..."

There's a old "fairy tale" about a woman who lived in the woods who on one harsh winter morning with snow piling up she sees a snake freezing to death outside her house. Taking pity on the poor creature she brings it in and nurses it back to health.  She thought he was so beautiful she went to give him a kiss after his recovery and said snake gives her a vicious lethal bite.  She stumbles back and as she's dying she tearfully asks the snake how he could do such a thing after all she'd done for him?  His reply: "You knew I was a snake when you took me in."  

ABC exects and powers-that-be had to know that Roseanne Barr was not a stable human being.  Her background of going back years when she drew sports fans ire when she did a disgusting rendition of the National Anthem and laughed about it.  Of course, whoever had the stupid idea of having her sing it at a public event was worse off than Roseanne.  She launched a presidential campaign a few years back and said that rich bankers should pay back all t he money they're stealing from us and then be "...sent to re-education camps and if that doesn't work--behead them."  But everyone should be giving a "second chance" and ABC took the risk and now they're paying the price.  

Roseanne sent out some stupid and racist tweet in which the target was former Obama White House confederate Valarie Jarrett who may have been further out in left field than Obama himself--and believe me, that's a feat!  Roseanne even says she didn't know Jarrett was black and, quite frankly, I believe her.  Mr. Barr isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. So ABC promptly cancelled their most-watched show saying that Barr's words were disgraceful (which they certainly were) and was below their standards.  The most amazing thing about that was I didn't know ABC had standards.  But they did continue to prove that the only standards the left has are double-standards.  Those cretins like Joy and the gang on "The View" daily say the most disgusting things about President Trump and Vice President Pence and never even a peep out of management.  Jimmy Kimmel on their late show, likewise, and not a whimper.  BTW Jimmy the beard does nothing for you.  

Some reports coming out now are saying that Roseanne's firing may have come at the behest of none other than Michelle (My Belle) Obama.  Wouldn't be a bit surprised.  They're still hanging around Washington just to continuing screwing things up for the country.  But I'm with Horace Cooper, Project 21 Co-Chairman who was on The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham on the Fox News Channel Wednesday night.  Cooper (who happens to be black) said he's "tired of the one-way street" on these issues.  When someone on the left says something equally outrageous they don't lose their shows. They apologize (publicly) and move on but Roseanne is given  the old heave-ho.  So to the "empty suits" that run ABC...you knew she was a "snake" when you brought her in.

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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