The Eagles' Crash Landing

The lamestream media is having the usual field day blaming President Trump for inconveniencing the Philadelphia Eagles and disrupting their planned visits to children's hospital wards and food banks because only a few players and beloved mascot Swoop were coming.  Their spin was that the president is an ego maniac and he was miffed because of the low turnout.  The other spin was so few players liked the president they refused to come meanwhile, the media was also making great capital of the fact that the Eagles had no players who knelt during the National Anthem this past season.  Unfortunately, the general public may fall for this garbage.  

Frankly, I wish the president had not cancelled the Eagles' appearance and made a huge example of the disrespect they were showing while at the same time having the big "celebrate America" show he put on. I also wish the media would start doing their jobs for a change--yeah, I know, that's too much to ask.  The fact is that just last week the Eagles submitted 81 names of players and other personnel who were planning to visit the White House and spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said it was "full steam ahead" for the event and had been in the works since February.  But on Monday the White House was informed there would be only two or three players, the coach, some front office folk and Swoop.  This event was months in the planning and a lot of time, effort and money went into it. A senior administration official said the team had actually asked for a private session with the president for a few minutes.  

Things began to unravel last Friday when the Eagles notified the WH that players were dropping out of the visit and were asking for an alternate date.  Okay--you're invited to the White House to meet with the most powerful man on the planet and YOU'RE asking for an alternate date because you can't make it on the date that was set months ago?  The dates they requested were next week when they knew very well that the president was going to be tied up in those talks with North Korea.  Give me a break!!!  You're telling me this wasn't an ambush?  Hey, I was born at night but it wasn't last night

That was the proverbial last straw for President Trump.  And while I would have preferred that he keep his promise and turn the tables on the Eagles players and personnel, including the owner who's as big a left-wing loon as anyone at BS-NBC or the Communist News Network.  He could have had Swoop conducting the Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus and boogieing around to "It's a Grand Old Flag" or something.  But it didn't take long for the media, the NFL, the NFL Player's Association and the mayor of Philadelphia to join in at blaming President Trump.  The Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny managed to show his lack of an IQ by slamming President Trump calling him a "child" and that "Disinviting them to the White House only proves that our President is not a true patriot."  Kenny further said, "but a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend."  

Mayor Kenny, your monumental stupidity is hardly worth a response but let me at least give it a try.  While the media was sounding like the proverbial broken record insisting that the Eagles didn't kneel during the National Anthem this past season.  However, many of them raised their fists in a show of solidarity with their equally unpatriotic brothers in the rest of the NFL.  So who's not a "true patriot" here Mr. Mayor?  It's an honor to be invited to appear at the White House even if you're there at the invitation of the Head Chef.  Even though I have so little respect for Barry Sotoro (a-k-a Barack Obama) beyond what words can express, had I been invited to the White House while he was destroying the county, I'd have shown up.  If they didn't want to come, Mayor Kenny, why--pray tell--didn't they say so weeks ago? Mr. Mayor--this was a setup an attempt as an ambush.  You, the Eagles and the owner should be ashamed of themselves but I know the left knows no shame.  Hopefully, the people of Philadelphia see this for what it is.  

I'll just call it the #KneeToo Movement!

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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