Elect Me! I'll Fix It!

There's an old saying that the only trouble with political jokes is they usually get elected.  It's painting with the proverbial "broad brush" of course because there are many truly dedicated politicians who are truly working hard--most of the time feeling like a salmon swimming against the crowd--to try to make a difference.  The problem is there are not enough of them.  If you follow politics as closely as I do you'll notice a pattern among the candidates on the campaign trail and their actions once elected.  What stands out in far too many cases is that the two don't match--it's bipolar.  Case-in-point, repealing the so-called Affordable Health Care Act (which was anything but) a.k.a Obamacare.  For three--or was it four?--election cycles Republican candidates swore on their ancestors' graves if we would only send them back to Washington and they'll defund Obamacare.  

When it didn't happen the first time they whined because they didn't have a majority in the House.  So, we gave them the House but Obamacare didn't go away.  Oh, they forgot to mention they also needed the Senate.  Actually, they didn't because the House controls the purse strings and don't need the Senate.  So we gave t;hem the Senate but Obamacare remained like Mt. Everest.  Oh--they forgot to tell us they also needed the Presidency too.  So we came through with our part.  What happened on their end?  our "beloved" Republicans turned out to be towers of tapioca!  When Ted Cruz of Texas was elected to the Senate he was blown away by the Republicans negative attitude and afraid of their own shadow. Despite the fact that they were elected overwhelmingly to turn things around all the Democrats have to do is accuse them of racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant and they go running for the "tall grass" faster than Chuck Schumer can get to a camera.  

They were told by the Democretins (and why they're taking the word of their opponent and sworn enemy is a complete mystery) that "there would never be another Republican President and they BELIEVED IT! Remember when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination people like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was going around to college Republican Clubs and begging them to still vote for Republican candidates even though the Hildabeast was going to be elected by the biggest landslide in political history...it was going to be a worse defeat since Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College 222-to-0 in 1916. That's how out of touch their "deep Republican state" went then and remains.  Those who campaigned on repealing Obamacare knew they would never have to vote to repeal it because they would never have a Republican President who would actually go along with them.  So when the impossible happened and it came time to get rid of one of the worst pieces of political legislation in history, they crawfished out!  

The examples are legion on both sides.  There are cottage industries and lamestream media that want race problems, immigration problems, poverty problems, et. al because they make money on it. In other words, it's easier to SAY you're going to solve it and pretend like they're working hard on it than to do something to solve it.  As another old saying goes, "When all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done."   

Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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