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So the President of the United States saluted a North Korean general and the lamestream media--all of whom should be fired (with very few exceptions) is having the proverbial "cow."  And they are trying to make the tenuous connection with former President Barry Sotoro when he bowed to foreign leaders, especially Muslim leaders.  While they are moo-ved to make that comparison there is a major difference.  Barry initiated the bow and bowed very deeply indicating his subservience to said leader.  The President of the United States is subservient to NO ONE.  However, there's a major difference in Barry bowing and "The Donald" saluting that the media will not point out because of their hate for President Trump.

President Trump did not INITIATE the salute with that North Korean general!  If you want to take a look at the video realistically you'll see that the President stuck out his hand to shake hands with the general who, instead, saluted with a look on his face of being humbled and honored to do so knowing Donald Trump held all the aces.  So President Trump chuckled a bit and in a polite gesture returned the salute.  If you can't see the difference between the two men there's no need to read further.  

I didn't particularly like it and there were some military veterans, including a retired admiral said they'd never seen a President of the United States salute a member of any country, much less North Korea.  This event happened on the spur of the moment and, upon refection, perhaps the President may have thought that was not the best picture to present to the world but it looked--to me anyway--as simply a courteous gesture to a man who looked in "surrender" mode.  It didn't deserve the press it got.  But what else is new with the alphabet networks bright "yellow" rags loosely described as "newspapers?"


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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