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So you think children are being "ripped from their parent's arms" at the southern boarder.  It's just another "get Trump" lamestream media propaganda tool.  No a baby was not taken from his mother who was nursing him at the time, another lie being told by the so-called leaders of this movement to get more Democrat voters in the country.  As Joe Gomez, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) told us we have no idea who these people are who show up at the northern Mexican boarder.  They have kids with them but we have no idea if those kids are actually theirs.  So the U. S. Boarder Patrol is doing their job and enforcing our laws--something the left is opposed to, of course.  

Suddenly we hear from former First Lady Laura Bush critical of the issue that her husband did next to nothing about for the eight years he was President.  The Oprah is in an uproar and it all a setup.  Another manufactured media event to destroy the President who's actually doing what we "Deplorables" and now, "Cultists" asked him to do.  Enforce our laws, stop the flood of illegals, repair our military and return police to their position of respect and get rid of Obamacare.  So naturally, the media, who was so wrong about his ever getting the nomination much less his election has to continue to manufacture phony stories.  

Nothing else has worked so far so maybe they can play on the heartstrings of American claiming his ruining the lives of kids who are "just coming here to have a better life," or "escape drug cartels and death threats"  or they're "dreamers."  The same people who don't give a rat's rump that Planned Non-Parenthood ripping babies from the womb, selling their body parts and gives them a HALF-BILLION-DOLLARS of our hard-earned taxpayer money to do it! A former Obumber operative tried to show how that kids were being kept in cages and the media went for it hook, line and sinker.  OOPS!  Turns out that was a picture from 2014 when Barry was President and the media didn't give a tinker's damn.  

While an abandoned Wal-Mart isn't the best place for these kids, they're a lot safer than with a phony parent who very well could be an MS-13 (not to be confused with MS-DNC--er MS-NBC) member.  This has gotten so far out of hand it's incredible.  There should be loads of openings in the national media alphabet gang (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) but they'll not only keep their overpaid jobs they'll probably get raises and win Emmys.  GAG-ME!  

We'll have more from Joe Gomez with FAIR on the Tuesday (06-19) at 6:13 on AM Savannah.  He'll give you the truth, something the lamestream media ought to try for a change.  Then perhaps they'll have a higher popularity rating than Congress! 


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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