Satan Quoting Scripture--Thanks, But No Thanks

posted by Bill Edwards -

Hillary Clinton quoting the Holy Bible to us makes as much sense as a lecture on free enterprise from Bernie Sanders.  While on the campaign trail two years ago she actually tried to get us to believe she was a Methodist.  In the 30-plus years I've been nauseated by her it was the very first time I ever heard her even mention that she had ANY religious affiliation.  I would say, okay--I'll take her at her word but that would be like believing my five-year-old grandson if he told me he could perform a kidney transplant.  So now the Hildabeast is on her high horse again over all these kids streaming across our boarder and complaining now that we have a president who's going to do something about it.  

Suddenly Hillary Rotten Clinton is having a "coming-to-Jesus" moment trying to impress us with her Bible knowledge quoting Matthew 19:13 &14: "Then children were brought to Him so He could put His hands on them and pray.  But the disciples rebuked them.  Then, Jesus said, 'Leave the children alone, and don't try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.'" (Holman Christian Standard) The Hildabeast went on to rant that He didn't take them away from their parents. Great Hillary--you sure know your Bible.   Are you the same Hillary who just four years ago was whistling a different tune saying absolutely our boarders have to be protected and families will be turned away. Her boss, the Dahli-Bama, was spewing the same rhetoric.  Didn't seem to bother anybody then so why does it bother anybody now?  Oh, that's right, they and the media hate Donald Trump and since nothing else they tried to get rid of him ahs worked, maybe this will catch on tugging at our heartstrings.

It's been said that Satin can quote scripture when it suits his needs.  Is this the same Hillary and the rest of the Democretins who don't have an issue with illegal aliens coming here breaking our laws and murdering out citizens? How 'bout the American families that the government is supposed to protect who are permanently separated from their children because an illegal alien killed or murdered them?  Where are their crocodile tears for them?  The lamestream media doesn't go rushing to the victim's house when an illegal kills one of our kids?  Question for the Dem-bulbs: why do you care more for illegal aliens than the legal citizens of your own country?  Where do you find that in the Bible?  

If you or I were to commit murder there's a 99.99% chance we'd be arrested, convicted and sentenced to at least 20 years in jail or lethal injection.  Yet an illegal alien, who may have been deported numerous times,  can murder someone in cold blood and never spend a day in prison.  Someone please explain that to me because I can't make sense of it in this bass-akwards world.  What makes them so special that they are above the law?  And why all the anger when President Trump finally enforces the law that Congress enacted?  Either we have the rule of law or we don't; we either have a boarder or we don't.  You tell me!


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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