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"I make my living on the evening news...just give me something, something I can use--we all love it when you lose, we love dirty laundry.  Well I could have been an actor but I wound up here; I just have to look good I don't have to be clear.  Come and whisper in my ear, we need dirty laundry."  The opening line of Don Henley's 1982 hit Dirty Laundry. The chorus goes: "Kick 'em when there're up; kick 'em when their down; kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em all around."  If my math is correct, it's been 36 years since it was on the charts.  But the lyrics--in their entirety--should be chiseled in stone in every newsroom in America if not the world.  Henley nailed us in the media biz a long time ago.  It goes on to say that "...we can do the innuendo, we can dance and sing and when it's said and done we haven't told you a thing.  We all know that crap (my italics) is king, we love dirty laundry."  

"Crap" is the correct word in its most crude form when it comes to today's news coverage especially on the television and radio side.  Sean Hannity (heard here on WTKS Monday through Saturday 3-6 p.m.) has been saying for years that : "Journalism is dead."  This is so disturbing it's hard to believe we're in this position.  When I was studying broadcast journalism at Ole Miss (all those years ago) it was drilled into us that when you're covering a genuine news story--YOU are NOT the STORY.  The story is the story, pure and simple, what you think of it is not in the equation.  We are supposed to tell the story straight down the middle, not take sides or slant it one way or the other.  One of the nicest myths in the broadcast biz. Of course part of it stems from the fact that we are human and it's almost impossible not to have feelings for a story that either tugs at your heartstrings or enrages you.  I worked in television for darn near 30 years and I know how to edit a story that comes out the way want it to come out or be perceived.  

Yes, bias can creep in and we should guard closely against it, but it's not particularly egregious if those who realize it's a bit slanted can at least hear from the other side no matter how poorly presented.  But when it's done on purpose to obfuscate the issue, that's criminal!  It's been going on, especially in television, for decades now.  60 Minutes is great at it and on NBC Dateline they did a story about General Motors sidesaddle gas tank on some pickup truck models that could explode in auto crashes and tried to simulate the incidents on a test site.  After several crashes that didn't work, they finally lit sparklers underneath another truck, ran the simulation again and this time they got the desired results. Once the method was exposed by GM's lawyers who obtained the unedited video tape some heads at NBC rolled but that's rare.  During the campus riots of the 1960s, especially at Cal-Berkeley most of the students were trying to go to class.  Very few students were taking place in the anti-Vietnam War riots but the media made it look like the entire campus was being disrupted and when they didn't get the pictures they wanted, the news people actually had  the demonstrators to, in some cases, do it again, just like a Hollywood movie.  

Fast forward to the present where there are even more media unlike the time when it was NBC, CBS and ABC were it.  It became more and more noticeable during the Clinton administration where the media stood squarely behind the president. When the infamous Monica scandal broke the media went out of its way to tell us the story was preposterous.  When reality struck them between the eyes they came up with the angle that this had nothing to do with how well he was doing his job and we need to move on to, as Clinton put it himself, get on to do "the work for the American people."  Spare me.  When women came forward accusing Bill of sexual assault and even rape, the accusers were trashed.

Once the Clinton nightmare was over the media got their shorts in a wad over George W. Bush winning the election over Al Gore despite the attempt by the Democretins to pull off a coup in Florida with the infamous "hanging chad" affair.  It was totally fabricated but the media wanted to believe that Gore won and all the networks and the Miami Herald rag kept doing recounts--and Bush kept coming out on top. But forget facts, Bush was labeled the "illegitimate" president. When Bush ran for reelection against "Old Bolt-neck" a.k.a. John Kerry the media fawned all over Mr. Kerry who was touting his "service in Vietnam." The very same media which despised the aforementioned war and Kerry, who stabbed his fellow servicemen in the back when he first returned, lying to Congress about fabricated atrocities, was now lauding him for serving there.  

Then they were all-in for the Hilabeast in 2007 until a almost unknown Illinois senator who'd served in the U. S. Senate for several days, announced that he would run--Barry Sotoro.  But he was now going by the name of Barrack Obama and, best of all, he was black.  Hillary was thrown under the bus faster than a New York cabbie can blow his horn at the car in front of him when the light turns green.  For the next eight years they burned incense and worshiped at the Obama shrine. Question him and you're a racist.  

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy it was taken as a complete joke and they have not only never let up, they double-down each time.  The man can do NOTHING right.  If he does, their default setting is the fabricated Russian probe with the Muller Investigation that may go on till the next global warming melts the polar ice caps.  And since everything the media was "throwing at the wall" never sticks they think they finally have something: children at the Mexican boarder!!!  First they tried showing kids in cages--but OOPS, that was 2014 when the Price Barry was president.  They just moved on hammering President Trump to do something other than enforce our laws--who ever heard of such a thing?  That's as ridiculous as keeping your campaign promises!  The media was screaming and crying that kids were being separated from their parents.  No followup about the stories that these adults were not really the children's parents.  So he does something so that doesn't happen and they're still not happy.

Now the left is threatening U. S. Boarder agents by giving out their names and somehow finding out their phone numbers and addresses.  Threatening their lives and their families.  Our Homeland Security Secretary goes out for dinner and a left-wing mob (is there any other kind?) shows up to shout racial slurs at them during dinner.  Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt--perhaps even killed as these mobs get out of hand and because the media loves the video they get from these confrontations they are going to continue to pour gas on this fire.  If, God forbid, someone dies, the blood will be on the media's hands...but they'll give the usual "above the fray" excuse that they are "just reporting" the news.  As far as I'm concerned they still have finished washing the blood off their hands after Vietnam.  

But as Don Henley says in Dirty Laundry, "You don't need to know what's goin' on, you don't want to know how far it's gone, just leave well-enough alone, keep your dirty laundry."  Well, it's gone way to far and it's obvious these people know no shame and could care less about people's lives (unless they're killed by cops, of course) or the security of our country.  To quote these idiot demonstrators, "Shame...Shame...Shame...etc."  



Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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