The "Tolerant" Left

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"The Democrats have embraced the principles of the resistance movement, it's about a scorched earth, it's about hatred, it's about harassment and that's who the Democrats today are." Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (now Fox News Contributor).  Jason--YOU NAILED IT!  If there ever was civility on the left it's long since on the trash heap of history.  In the last few days Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is harassed at (of all places) a Mexican restaurant with an angry mob making it impossible to enjoy the meal and in what appears to have been a kind gesture by going to a MEXICAN restaurant--but gestures like that are completely lost on the cretins on the left--oops didn't mean to be redundant.  Then Sarah Huckabee Sanders was just sitting down to a farm-to-table meal at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia and is asked to leave by the owner of the restaurant.  Why?  Said owner objected to her work defending President Donald Trump over, among other things, his immigration policy, widely decried as unnecessarily cruel.  But these lefties are ignoring the fact that it's not Donald Trump's policy--it's our policy.  It is the law and the Congressional delegation needs to tone down the rhetoric (and that includes most Republicans and just about all Democrats) he's enforcing the laws they passed.  At last!  

. Then one of our finest Attorney Generals in the country, Pam Bondi of Florida was out on a date with her boyfriend over the weekend to see a movie and while standing in a concession line a group of left wing miscreants descended on her, taunting her and her date clearly trying to start a fight and began spitting on her!  Who are these people and who's behind this?  This is something a real journalist would be asking and if the TV networks had any, real journalists that is, they'd be reporting on and condemning such anarchy.  But that's in an ideal world and clearly this one isn't it.  The media, in fact, loves it because not only does it fit their agenda, the video is compelling.  

Helping lead the charge is Democretin Rep. Maxine Waters of--where else?--California.  The Los Angeles area to be specific.  Over the weekend she was out proving that her IQ is still no approaching double figures while exhorting her followers to get in the faces of political leaders and those who work in the Trump Administration  and basically harass them.  Dale Carnage would have punched this woman who ought to be brought up on charges of inciting to riot.  Encouraging mobs to confront someone they disagree with certainly isn't going to get them on your side and leaves no room for political dialog.  Mobs have a collective mentality and it's not usually good and can lead to injury and death in extreme cases and things are getting extreme.  

Where, pray tell, is the condemnation from Democrat leaders. Senator Churck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) have at least spoken up to protest these actions but they are almost alone in the wilderness.  Just about every one I've seen on the Communist News Network and BS-NBC have been standing up for  Waters and the mobs whom they want to try to tell us they're simply exercising their First Amendment rights.  Well as they say in Texas, "Don't pee on my boots and then try to tell me it's raining."  It's getting out of hand and someone is going to get hurt or killed and the blood will be on the hands of Waters' and her confederates.  

But there could be poetic justice in all this.  The Dembulbs are beginning to realize that this can (and will) backfire on them come November.  Mainstream America (many of them Trump voters) are fed up and that "blue wave" the Dems were crowing about a few weeks ago are realizing the mood shfit and that wave is turning red.  And since votes is all they care about they better get a handle on this.


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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