Pot-holy Mackerel

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You may have noticed that Savannah and Chatham County are no strangers to potholes.  Name a major (and sometimes minor) road in the county and chances are there's a pothole somewhere.  There is supposed to be a spot on the county's website where you can upload a picture and location to their maintenance department.  An order is supposed to be generated and you're supposed to get a copy.  Never have tried it myself but it was instituted about two or three years ago.  It's also send you copy.  Let me know if you've been successful with it and if the work got done.

It still makes you wonder what in the world happened to that trillion-dollars stimulus money we gave (at gunpoint) to Barry Sotoro eight years ago.  I thought that was for infrastructure to fix all these roads and bridges and schools all around the country.  And now President Trump is asking for a trillion also!  As the late-great Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry once asked his defensive players.  They once came to him around contract renegotiation time years ago and said they thought they should get a $100 bonus every time they sacked the opponent's quarterback.  Landry replied, "Let me ask you this question: what's that first $500,000 I'm paying you for?"  If that salary figure sounds low, remember this was about 30 years ago.  But no matter the salary, the question is valid.  Getting paid extra for what you're supposed to be doing in the first place.  

So let me know your favorite pothole.  And if I've complained out of turn since I've never used the county's website assistance then I'll fall on my sword on the air.  


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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