Why the Left is "Losing" It!

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The "left" will be pulling out all the stops to besmirch, destroy, slander, defame and malign President Trump's next pick for Supreme Court Justice. Although the big focus is on the Roe v. Wade issue as laser focused as they've been on it, that's just the tip of the iceberg.  It goes a heck of a lot deeper than that.  They're losing their power. With another Justice on the Court who actually has read, understands and plans to follow the Constitution, that means the left's ability to get their liberal policies implemented  that were total failures at the ballot box.  

On far too many occasions in the past when the Supreme Court turned into an activist body especially with the likes of Chief Justice Earl Warren and other cretins like Thurgood Marshall the court started making law instead of interpreting it.  They, along with liberal-activist, lower courts began turning over election after election thwarting the wishes of the people and making up some ridiculous excuse that it was--wait for it--UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  The famous battle cry of the hard left and communists in our midst.  It continues today when the courts ignore the law and use their personal opinions and feelings about issues framed in the "current culture."  Well I'm sorry that's not law that's sociology.  If these guys and gals sitting around in black robes want to make law, run for Congress--they can still wear the robes if you want to.  They'd look ridiculous of course but so is their interpretation of the law(s).  

With more and more people on the Supreme Court who will actually do their job by actually sticking to the Constitution--our Constitution--they left will now have to live with the desires of the American people not special interest groups.  Fewer elections overturned or liberal programs and policies implemented.  Since their ideas and philosophies are so far out of the mainstream like racial and gender quotas, they stand no chance of being put into practice by anyone with a fully functioning frontal lobe so they've relied on the activist courts to do it.

But now we have a President who's paying attention to the Constitution and cares about America and isn't afraid to show it.  He's appointing a lot of justices to the lower courts and now the Supreme Court who will actually go by the law of the land.  Another area of "the swamp" he's trying to drain.  But just wait for the fight.  The opposition to this nomination will make the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas hearings look like the Mickey Mouse Club.  If you're too young to remember it or weren't even born, You Tube has a plethora of information for you to get up to speed.  

The left is truly terrified and they're going off the rails in spades.  As Rush points out, you can always tell what the left is scared of by how outrageous they get.  Buckle up you'd have to stand in line a long time for a ride like this at Six Flags!  


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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