Judging Protestors

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Pop quiz: What do Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, ST. Francis of Assisi and McGruff the Crime Dog all have in common?  They're all opposed by the left for a seat on the Supreme Court.--if appointed by President Donald Trump.  It didn't take but a nanosecond or two for the lunatic fringe to get their signs out protesting Judge Kavanaugh.  It did take a moment or two while some signs that were not pre-printed had to have the blanks filled in.  They had to have four sets of printed signs so they had to be quickly sorted through to find the right ones and then the show was on. 

And it was an all-star cast if there ever was one, Liar-watha (a.k.a. Elizabeth Warren), Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand and a host of other left wing moonbats crying that the sun might not come up tomorrow...there'll be darkness 24-hours a day, blood in the streets, a woman's "right" to an abortion will be taken away and they'll be forced into back alleys where coat hangers will be used.  Planned Parenthood will have to close and workers will have to find a way to make an honest living.  Women will have to go back to baking cookies in the kitchen while watching reruns of Father Knows Best.  

It was bad enough for Judge Robert Bork and Judge Clarence Thomas but that'll look like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood compared to the hearings coming up for Judge Kavanaugh.  It's going to be Jerry Springer on steroids before he finally gets confirmed.  Watch how shameful it's going to be as the Dembulbs accuse him of everything from global warming to earthquakes to volcanoes erupting.  It'll be a circus and a disgrace.  

And as we've said before if you think they're going crazy now--and it can't get any worse...just wait till Ruth "Darth Vader" Ginsburg leaves!  Get your hip boots and shovels cause here it comes!


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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