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The Savannah Chatham County School Board is having a crisis of monumental proportion less than a month before school starts, as usual, about four weeks too early.  No it's not over curricular, transgender bathrooms, which text books to get to make sure there's plenty mentions of global warming, how great socialism is and what a lousy president we have.  No, the issue is recess--that's right, recess.  The brouhaha is over whether the board should be in charge of the individual school principals and teachers.  The whopping 10 minutes (no that isn't a mistake) they get for recess is now under the microscope.  It had to be a microscope because if's so small.  

We have a child obesity problem in America and surveys say 70-percent are not physically fit.  If you don't believe the studies just ask any military recruiter of the drill sergeants who have to get most of the recruits into shape before they can ever begin their actual training.  President Trump could sure take a page out of President Kennedy's book when the he (Kennedy) began a national physical fitness project and presented schools and individuals with awards.  America started getting in shape.  Kennedy even promoted a 50 mile hike and many did just that including a friend of mine in Charleston.  

Back in the school days I remember, recess was at least a half hour where we played baseball or the sport in season.  Most of the kids were in great shape and an obese person was rare and usually the butt of jokes that today would be classified as "bullying."  Rarely was it mean and most took in with good humor while some others did something about it and lost weight.  Recess burned off energy and most kids were anxious to get back to work in class where they behaved.  And as far as I know, the school board didn't have a darn thing to do with recess--if they were we certainly didn't know it.  The bell rang for recess and you went out and played to year heart's content until the bell rang again about a half-hour or so later. 

There seemed to be ample time in the classroom and we learned stuff that has come in handy in life on more occasion that's been put to good use.  I do feel under educated a bit every time I watch Jeopardy or worse, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. But TEN MINUTES!? Isn't that the amount of time you get to change class or is that five minutes?  Either way it's pathetic.  And where the heck is PE?  Another staple gone by the wayside so kids can spend more time in the classroom learning what a bunch of creeps our ancestors were stealing this land from the Indians--er, Native Americans.  Don't want 'em to miss too many of those classes otherwise they might start loving their country.  Ask your kid/grandkid what they know about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor?  

Frankly, I don't care who's in charge of recess--what our kids need is more of it and let the adults start acting like one.


Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards

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